ANNOUNCEMENT: The call for papers has been extended to the 21st of October (click here to submit your paper).

Date and Location: 7th of December at PWC, Level 19/2 Riverside Quay, Southbank VIC 3006.

About PgDU

Do you come from a land down under? If so, then this conference is for you.

PostgreSQL Down Under Incorporated (known as PGDU) is a not for profit association established to support the growth and education of PostgreSQL, The World’s Most Advanced Open Source Database, in Melbourne, Australia.

PG Down Under 2018 is the second annual conference which provides a unique opportunity for PostgreSQL Developers and Users to meet, learn, grow relationships and generally get to know others that use PostgreSQL professionally or just for fun. It will take place on December 7th, 2018.

The name “Down Under” refers to Australia, due to its position in the lower latitudes of the southern hemisphere.


The conference aims to satisfy a wide audience by selecting a range of talks and presentations that are of interest to:

  • Database administrators that are already using PostgreSQL, or use a different database and are interested in PostgreSQL
  • Team leaders, architects and decision makers considering PostgreSQL as an alternative database to more traditional proprietary databases
  • Developers of many languages that have data persistence requirements or just wanting to grow their knowledge
  • IT enthusiasts who enjoy getting involved in open source

Financial Disclosure

PGDay Down Under is financially supported by our generous sponsors and it is organised by PostgreSQL Down Under Inc., a non for profit PostgreSQL organisation. Any proceeds from the conference belongs to PGDU and the funds will be used to support the growth of the PostgreSQL community in Australia & New Zealand.

No PGDU and PGDay Down Under staff receives any payment for their work.

Code of Conduct

PostgreSQL Down Under provides a friendly and supportive environment. Should you have any questions regarding conduct please see our code of conduct.

Our Committee

Tyson Clugg


Andrea Cucciniello


Gary Evans

Vice President

Rajni Baliyan

Committee Member

Matt Kemp

Committee Member

James Sewell

Sponsorship Officer

Randal McDonnell